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The use of insects in different fields such as agriculture, animal feed, human food and medicine is enormous. The Katz Biotech AG is offering research services on a wide range of beneficial organisms which mainly are used in greenhouses. In our large production site, our production team is producing eleven beneficial organisms for biological pest control, for more detailed information visit our main homepage (www.katzbiotech.de).

Beside our company, the Hermetia Group, also located on our production site, is searching for alternative methods for extraction of proteins and lipids used in aquaculture and poultry as feed. The Hermetia Group is specialized on mass rearing the Black Soldier Fly as a source of a renewable raw protein source. For more details check our poster presentation showed on the “9th Workshop on Fats and Oils as Renewable Feedstock for Chemical Industry" or visit the Hermetia Group homepage (www.hermetia.de).

Here, in our Research & Development center “ITC-Center” located in Berlin, our R&D team is composed of entomologists, biologists, chemists and engineers working in the field of applied insect technology. We are focused on developing new methods for mass rearing beneficial organisms used mainly for biological pest control. In addition, we are identifying and extracting mite (insect) by-products. Our chemistry department is developing new types of micro-/macro-capsules used in mass rearing of insects, attract & kill systems and food industry. Our entomology department is specialized in mass rearing of all kind of insects, mainly beneficial insects. Beside mass rearing we are investigating protein rich food based on insects, artificial diets for insects and accompanying steps from laboratory to industrial rearing scale.

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